Maximize efficiency and minimize errors.

We take the pain out of the survey programming, survey review and translation process.

With Brookmark, you can get it faster, better and cheaper – without sacrificing quality.  Our proprietary applications increase programming speed, decrease quality checking time and allow us to integrate foreign languages with ease.

Brookmark X-Ray™

When you need to quickly and easily see into every critical component of your survey programs, Brookmark XRay™ is a proprietary application that both simplifies and provides structure to the survey checking process.

Brookmark Sidekick™

To ensure accuracy and timeliness, it’s important to avoid recreating the wheel every time a survey is programmed. Brookmark Sidekick™ provides accurate programming and faster turnaround for your survey research projects.

Brookmark Translate™

It’s critical that surveys aren’t corrupted by incorrect translations. Brookmark’s Excel based tool is designed to provide survey authors the ability to review and compare the translated text to the original or starting survey text and make edits if necessary.

All elements of a survey are separated into individual components allowing reviewers to examine content (i.e., question text, attributes, scales, instructions, precode values, etc.,) via check-screens inside the application leaving only logic to be reviewed “inside” the survey. Brookmark X-Ray™ delivers the ability to:

  • Easily check text, attributes, precode values, instructions, scales and piping
  • Maintain survey responses as the reviewer completes the survey
  • On screen tracking of gatekeepers, quota/brand assignments, etc.
  • Display of calculated variables via “checkpoints”
  • Jump from question to question without having to navigate the entire survey
Sidekick™ eliminates the need for manual cutting and pasting and allows Brookmark to leverage our own default values and custom libraries without having to program from scratch every time.  As a result, Sidekick™ provides accurate programming and faster turnaround for your survey research projects. Sidekick™:
  • Eliminates the need to manually cut and paste
  • Creates a polished and fully formatted online survey
  • Accommodates all leading survey versions and browsers
  • Can define question structures at the push of a button
  • Automatically adds standard Javascript and CSS to certain question types
  • Automatically adds question instructions
  • Automatically adds validation scripts and sets question properties

Have you ever wondered, “Does this survey make sense to users across the globe?” Are you confident that your surveys are correctly translated — accounting for geographical dialects and colloquialisms?  We understand the importance of making sure that survey language is appropriate and effective — in each user’s language — and provide translation tools so you can be confident in your global survey efforts. Brookmark Translate™:

  • Eliminates the need to manually review online survey instrument
  • Allows line-by-line comparison of base language(s) to target language(s)
  • Ability to insert edits directly into worksheet
  • Exports directly out of survey software platform
  • Can be utilized by translation partners to update source XML files
  • Can easily identify any missed/overlooked translations