Staffed by Primary Marketing Research and Brand Strategy Consulting Experts

We specialize in the design and execution of marketing research to help guide brand and experience strategy, measure brand health, assess the performance of marketing activities, test new products and communications, and develop content for thought leadership or marketing messaging.  We partner with brands to design the research and sampling plans, questionnaire, and analysis plans and leverage both industry-specific and general brand strategy experience to provide findings and recommendations.


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Brand Performance Evaluation

Brand health and campaign tracking to monitor brand health and marketing effectiveness.  Advertising and experience testing to ensure effective communications and customer experiences.

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Marketing Strategy

Market segmentation, brand positioning & messaging, product and portfolio, concept testing & optimization, and competitive assessments to provide the foundation for brand strategy.

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Experience Strategy

Satisfaction & loyalty tracking, buyer and user journey, and website visitor research to define and test effective multi-channel experiences.

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Content Development

Category research to provide public relations, thought leadership or marketing & messaging content

We help to understand how brands, campaigns, advertising and experiences are performing, the reasons for that performance and what to do as a result.  The combination of our custom research and field management expertise is ideally suited for ongoing tracking research, or if you need to move an existing tracker to a new supplier.  We build dashboards to provide easy to use, ongoing access to key performance metrics.

  • Measure brand health & equity
  • Assess the impact of campaigns, experiences or other brand initiatives
  • Monitor performance on an ongoing basis

Extensive experience in market segmentation and targeting strategy, including connecting segments to today’s communications planning tools and data sources.  Frameworks to evaluate brand strengths and to define powerful, ownable positioning and messaging strategies.  A full suite of trade off and other analytics to evaluate and optimize new products, portfolios, and pricing.

  • Identify the optimal target for your brand
  • Develop a powerful & differentiated brand positioning
  • Test and optimize product, portfolio and pricing strategies
  • Define communications strategies

A series of tools and approaches designed to understand how current and potential customers shop for, buy and ultimately use and experience products and services to guide both touchpoint and customer experience strategies.  With our field management expertise, we can capture survey respondents in the moment when visiting your website.  We can understand the drivers of customer satisfaction, loyalty and NPS by tying back survey results to their experiences.  We can even build feedback loops to allow for customer service outreach to dissatisfied customers.

  • Understand the buyer & user journey
  • Define the experience roadmap
  • Understand site users and usage
  • Assess customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Identify the drivers of satisfaction, loyalty and purchase

We can provide our expertise if you are looking to develop proprietary category content for public relations, earned or social media, thought leadership or white papers or to develop marketing & messaging content.

  • Generate PR and earned media
  • Establish thought leadership
  • Develop marketing content


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